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Look! Its Mr. Lalit Modi On TV!

Just to add this to my previous post about my dislike of seeing Mr. Lalit Modi on TV every now and then – Samir Chopra scribbled that perfectly here – much earlier.  It  just caught my attention.

He sums it up: “Modi is a zamindar incarnate. If he didn’t have to wear a suit, and be bound by law, he’d be running around flogging peasants and repossessing their homes. He doesn’t give a rat’s arse about test cricket. He doesn’t give a rat’s arse about developing cricket at the grassroots level in India.” – Couldn’t agree with him more there!


PCB is at it again…

If you are looking for some fun factor in world cricket, you gotta keep up with Pakistan Cricket Board’s movements, official press releases and announcements. It is such a clear case of foot in mouth disease that at times it is sad and funny in the equal measures.

Their very recent and very graphic announcement is just another example. Showing the great transparency that it is not often applauded for – PCB declared that Shoiab could not be part of t20 squad as he had genital warts. Talk about confidential information and rights of privacy.

PCB is not making any friends by their stance on WC 2011 either. They have decided to legally challenge the ICC’s decision to exclude Pakistan from hosting the WC matches. Their point – if you cant grant Pakistan their share of matches – move the WC to another country and let it come back to Asian sub-continent in 2015. Great logic this – if I can’t have it, I won’t let you have it either. The sensible option of hosting the 14 matches at a neutral venue does not seem to be catching PCB’s eye.

It is quite funny when they point to security conditions in India and Srilanka to justify their arguments. What the learned people at PCB do not seem to understand is the seriousness of a terror attack where an entire cricket team was targeted and the established fact that they failed to provide the necessary security arrangements to the only team that willingly took the risk. Instead, they are pointing fingers at the security conditions in Srilanka along with India. What a return favor!

And the entertainment never ends, PCB’s handling of Mohammad Yousuf and his taking refuge to ICL, trying to move back to mainstream to get an IPL contract, unable to do so, going back to the ICL fold is a hilarious episode.  Another funny move was to ban Pakistani cricketers from taking part in IPL 2 in India. Note the twisted logic here – we are too cash-strapped but we wont let our players make a good living by taking part in cash rich tournament either. 

It is not surprising that Javed Miandad finds it very disappointing – when Pakistan’s domestic t20 team is not invited to the Champions league. Yes, the same Mr. Miandad who thought IPL was a joke, and India was very unsafe for cricketers. He doesn’t want to miss this joke, obviously 😉

What I would like to see in IPL 2010


More of….

  • Full capacity crowds enjoying themselves, trumpets, drums and little barbeques on the ground, the overall carnival atmosphere. Port Elizabeth Rocks.
  • Indian support staff and coaches. We should not forget that 7 out of 11 members in the playing squad are going to be Indians and quite a few of them with very little / no international experience at all. Indian coaches and support staff certainly cant be worse than say for example Buchanan and his army of coaches for bowling, batting, fielding, and probably dressing room etiquettes.
  • More Indian commentators – Do we really need more?, you may ask – Yes, and why, because the Arun lals, Shivas and may be Siddhus can do equally effective amount of jumping up and down in front of cheerleaders stage, shoving the mics up the players noses in the dugout and stating the obvious as Coneys and Morrisons do.
  • More innovative shots from the batsmen.. the thwacks, the hoicks, the heaves and the scoops are not enough…we need more.
  • Dare I say it? More Fake IPL Players! We need the imaginary/not so imaginary inside scoops from more dressing rooms! Lets hope next year there will be more such online blogs giving insights on Dressing rooms of other IPL teams too. After all, if KKR decide to turn the tables and make people talk about their performances on the field than off the field next year, we surely do not want to left without the entertainment.

Less of….

  • Lalit Modi. Yes, the guy invented a great idea, a genius, but do we need to be reminded that every hour during the match? Lalit Modi, checking msgs on his cellphone. Lalit Modi, entertaining some VIP guests in the VIP area. Mr. Modi, smiling and chatting with the guest sitting next to him – Whoa.. exclusive – never seen before stuff!  We already know Mr. Modi is the man and the brain behind the IPL success story; how could we ever forget when the commentators keep remind us that every 30 mins? Imagine a filmmaker thinking of an innovative concept, making a great movie based on it, and then appearing on screen every 5 mins just in case we forget it is he who has created this wonder.
  • Well, this one is very established now, the strategic time outs! Now, I know the TV broadcasters have to squeeze in as many ads as they can, but I can not remember a single time out that does not make me switch the channel even at the risk of missing an over after the time out. As it goes, it does not seem to have done any good to any one but may be the broadcasters. The players lose the momentum, the viewers go channel hopping. 
  • All the buffoonery of commentators reporting live from the field and player dug outs, shoving the mics up the players noses and asking stupid questions, stating the obvious the 100th time. Can we have some sanity back in the commentating please? Beware Harsha, they will get you too!

And that’s how it begins….

So, finally, here it is.

After couple of abandoned blogging attempts starting from 2002, I believe I have finally managed to create the blog I am going  to keep up.

Yeah big deal.. so what should one expect here? you may ask – Well…you may see everything ranging from Cricket, Politics, Movies,Technical tidbits to random thoughts that hit my mind rather, um.. randomly. :-). You have been warned.