The defending champions are on their way out!

I accept it. The team that can not defend 150 or chase 150 against oppositions like West Indies and England should not really be in the race.

There will be plenty of analysis of what was done wrong and what could have been done in the days to come.

However,  the image of MSD taking singles and getting Yusuf back on strike when 60 runs were required from 30 balls will be in my memory for a long time. Such a sensible batting this.


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  1. Krish on

    Actually Dhoni did something even worse. When Pathan was on strike, Dhoni should have run two and got Pathan back on strike. He didn’t.

  2. Samir Chopra on

    I was very puzzled that a batsman like Dhoni did not try and play a boundary shot till the last ball of the innings. His batting in these two matches was nothing short of bizarre.

    • rootofall3vil on

      Samir, Welcome and thank you for the comment. Dhoni’s batting continues to puzzle me, hopefully this is just a rough patch (going on for too long though) and he’ll sort it out. At least, he admitted that he is not getting the sixes as he used to and would like to get back to that. The intent is definitely there. 🙂

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