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Do not hang Dhoni!

The Indian Media has a chance to get their revenge! How can a cricket captain be so direct (and truthful I might add) and call them irresponsible and get away with it? India’s ouster from world cup has given them the opportunity and they are not going to let go easily. TV and Print media have gone into “Demolish Dhoni” overdrive – an apology from him to the Indian fans notwithstanding.

While I agree that most of the decisions against England and his own lackluster batting were responsible for India’s exit for the most part, I refuse to jump the gun and overlook his excellent record for the past year and half. Captaining the cricket team in India, though rewarding in many aspects, is one of the toughest sports job there is. Even greats like SRT could not keep up with the burden of expectations. MS Dhoni, in the past two years at the helm, has inevitably, made a few mistakes (That delayed declaration against NZ comes to mind immediately) just like any other captain. But overall, his record is very good. IMO, his cricketing brain is better than most of his counterparts.

Back to cricketing front, it would be nice to see how these guys counter the short pitch stuff they are invariably going to get from Saffers in today’s match. It would speak a volume about their attitude towards the game, if nothing else.