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Damien Martyn confirms it!

Just after Jeff Thomson confirmed the profound truth that Ponting sucks at captaincy, Damien Martyn has come out with what has been apparent to almost everybody – John Buchanan is no good at what he does or did. He did not prepare Aussies enough for ashes 2005. He also went on to mention that whatever Warne and MacGill have been saying for Buchanan is right and suggests that everyone in Aussie team believes it but are just keeping mum.

It might be the right time for Damien to come out and say it now that Buchanan has joined hands with English team to give them tips for ashes. I wonder what kind of tips he will be giving to the English. Like the ones he gave to Aussies in 2005?

I hope the KKR Management learns a lesson from this and just kicks the guy out. He shouldn’t complain. After all, he has been paid handsomely to do nothing for them for  two years.