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Adding some more hype to the most overhyped test series

It is all over the media. End of the first test of the Ashes series, two significant discoveries have been made. Ricky Ponting has discovered (finally) what the ‘spirit of cricket’ is and with that, he also made a sensational discovery that England did not play with the ‘spirit of cricket’. England on the other hand, has discovered that the most significant player in the team is the 12th man.  Some more observations on the first test of the most overhyped test series:

One of the two most overhyped English players, Andrew Flintoff took a wicket!  He certainly did not want to disappoint the English cricket writers like Simon Barnes  so he got a wicket! The mammoth effort he had to put in to get that wicket has earned him an injury and may not play the next test.

Kevin Pieterson, The other one of the two most overhyped English players, kept finding more silly ways to get out.

The sissy of English cricket team, Stuart Broad, tried to get out of that image by trying to shoulder Peter Siddle, but the whining sissy he is, he took care that he did not bump into siddle full on, if he did, he might have ended with a broken shoulder. True to the sissy spirit, when he was declared LBW – plumb as it looked, stared at Umpire like he wanted to rewrite LBW laws all over again. I do not understand, why does this guy get away with all this? Oh wait, I forgot the Broad in his name.

Jimmy Anderson, overhyped for his ‘abilities’ to swing the ball, managed to swing it for whooping 30 minutes in 5 days. But at least he made up with his batting.

4 Aussie batsmen including Brad Haddin made a century, which speaks a volume about the quality of the pitch at Cardiff.

Nathan Hauritz for all the criticism he got for his spinning abilities or the lack of it, put up a pretty decent display and got some wickets to his name too.

Paul Collingwood did what he does the best. Stay put at the middle when wickets were stumbling around him. He looked like getting out once or twice every over but hung in there.

Monty Panesar, on the other hand, never looked like getting out at any of the deliveries and deprived us from the wild slogs we expect every time we see him at the wicket.

Ricky Ponting discovered the ‘spirit of cricket’. Yes I know, I said it earlier, but it is such a huge discovery I will keep saying that.