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Ricky is Surprised by the heckling at Lord’s

There are more surprises for Ricky in the store. Just the way he discovered the ‘spirit of the game’ during first test, this week he discovered he is ‘the bad guy’ with the fans.

LONDON: Australia captain Ricky Ponting admitted on Saturday that he had been surprised by the aggressive nature of the crowd at Lord’s during the second Ashes Test against England.

“I’m not sure why I was so much the bad guy with the fans,” Ponting wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

He goes on further to say this:

“But I guess any Australian captain is going to cop it over here. Some people have said it’s because I’m the last one out of that group of players who had a lot of success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Perhaps it’s just payback time.”

Not Any Australian Captain, Rick, It is just you. Steve Waugh for one, was the toughest nut to crack, played your favorite¬† ‘hard but fair’¬† kind of cricket and was still generally liked all over. You are the only Aussie captain to have lost the ashes in the aforementioned period.

And, it is not just ‘there’ in England.¬† People across the world can see you arguing with the umpires, bending the rules when it suits you, sledging the opponents endlessly over the years.